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A Run Through The World Of The Night

It’s time to experience the spooky and dark themes that lurk out there. The moon is full and the creatures are out to try and guard their riches. Enter this spooky realm to fight the forces of darkness and take the old treasures they hide. This is a game for anyone who loves Halloween, horror movies and terrifying tales. Full of classic monsters that appear in all our favourite scary stories, this is surely a brilliant game of excitement that will keep you glued to your seat.

How To Play
Time to play against the creatures of the night, so place your bet and spin to win. With five reels and nine paylines that are followed up with ghoulishly attractive features, bonuses and symbols such as Dracula, werewolves, zombies and different tombstones set in front of a graveyard background. A wild symbol made of bones is waiting to give you a chance to increase the payout and make a terrifying quest into a frightful win. The wild is set on many reels to give you an even bigger chance of finding it. Added in are some great bonuses to an already easy game. Will you dare enter the domain of the night and challenge these frightful creatures for the legendary treasure?

While there are no free spins, on every normal spin you get a multiplier to even the odds in your favour and give you a little light in the dark. This multiplier is set to be added to your bonus game winnings at the end of a bonus round that makes playing all the more exciting.

Betting Options
Bets can start small for those who only dare peek into the cemetery or large ones for those with the courage to charge at the darkness as they try their luck. For those who dare, a large payout is ready that makes this scary attempt worth it. This is a game that sends payoffs straight to your account and a jackpot that is very tempting for anyone willing to face this creepy game. Underneath all the scary and frightening scenes is a very simple game that isn’t too complicated, making it an enjoyable experience that can keep you entertained for hours to come.

Many creatures lurk in the darkness and they watch carefully for anyone who wants to win their riches. Set in a graveyard beneath Dracula’s castle, spooky animations and haunting sounds will send shiver down your spine as the excitement builds in this fun-packed game. Any Halloween lover is going to find this game to be a memorable experience that will steal away boredom and replace it with big prizes.

Special Functions.
Many Click Me options offer additional fun and excitement that will start the bonus game. It couldn’t be any simpler as these Click Me buttons drop out of the screen and need to be collected to get the prize payoffs they offer. What makes things fun is that you can keep selecting the same Click Me for the same bonus.

Midnight Rush is certainly a game to try with its great 3-D animation and sound effects that make it an entertaining game of video slots. A convenient interface quickly makes players comfortable with its ease and excellent functionality. A frequent bonus round makes playing not only fun but easily rewarding for all. It is a game that was made especially for anyone who enjoys haunting themes and strange creatures to provide a fun time with very attractive winnings. Why not try your luck and put a hand to the darkness and bring back a handful of gold?

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