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Fun In The Countryside

If there is one thing that the nonstop and busy city life brings, it’s a love of the countryside and a time to get out into the wide-open spaces and breathe in that clean fresh air. As one can imagine, with countryside comes farms, and in this game, there is one farm where the farmer must have gone a little crazy with luck. If you like the sound of that, then Lucky Farmer might just be the game for you to play and become a grow yourself some winnings.

How To Play
Lucky Farmer has five reels and thirty paylines on top of a theme of one crazy farm with a wild card to help get that big score. All this is surrounded with symbols of various farm animals that are fully animated and with sound effects that immerse you into the countryside vibe.

Betting Options
Lucky Farmer is a game for both the player that’s looking to pass the time as well as those that are more intuitive and play to win. Bet big or small and the fun is just the same with a chance of winning big bonuses that can be used to boost your prize.

With a theme of a farm and its animals, there is of course a goat and other animals and items that one would find on your everyday farm. The big exception here is that the crazy farmer has decided to dress the animals up in clothes and you will find them hanging around the slots to make sure that the fun never stops.

Special Functions
The goat here isn’t grazing here though; you can find him in his storeroom keeping an eye on bigger prizes and chances to win or boost what you already won. The goat is quite friendly and will give out prizes from his can ‒ prizes such as free spins, points and our favourite, multipliers.

If all this wasn’t enough, there is a chance after all those prizes, bonuses and multipliers to double your winnings. The chance to double up doesn’t even require a spin; it’s an unbelievably simple coin toss that gives you a big chance to win bigger than you have already won. All that you need to do is guess the outcome. Like all coin tosses though, it’s a win big or lose-all shot of double or nothing that will keep gamers excited and hungry for more.

Fantastically entertaining animations and sounds give Lucky Farmer that authentic farm feeling to make you feel you’re on a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is one agricultural journey that is fun for all and jam-packed with special features that are designed to grow a big win.

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